Foxs Mints 130g *B/B January 31, 2023*

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Fox’s Mints were established by the Fox family when they started they’re sweet business back in 1897. Their official mascot "Peppy" is the UK's favorite polar bear.  Fox's Glacier Mints are mint flavored boiled sweets made with natural mint oils and do not contain artificial colors or flavors. 

The Fox’s Mint is transparent in appearance and not completely smooth on the surface, but is a little crystal-like. Put one in your mouth and the flavor of a Fox’s Mint is initially quite sweet and not particularly minty, but after a few moments you can really taste the mint. Foxs Glacier Mints are not too sweet and the taste is natural with the aftertaste being cool and minty.

Fox's mints are very pleasant boiled sweets indeed, ideal for receptions, meeting rooms or an office treat. They not only refresh for longer than many other mints but also have a real natural minty taste.