Heinz Piccalilli 310g

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We at the British Food Depot think Heinz Piccalilli is the best tasting Piccalilli on the market! It's a mustard-based chutney like sauce and a basic found in any British Cupboard. It's the most delicious way to liven up your salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes or any of your favorite hot or cold foods. Heinz Piccalilli has no artificial colors and is perfectly suitable for a gluten free diet. Its low in fat and free from GM ingredients, Heinz Piccalilli is a yummy treat for health freaks.

You will find crunchy chunks of pickled onions very tasty. Chunks of other vegetables like cauliflower and gherkins are also present.

Try Heinz Piccalilli instead of sweet pickle on sandwiches, or put it on ham sandwiches for the amazing taste or eat it with chicken to give it a unique flavor. You can even improve the taste of your corned beef and cheese sandwiches with it.

Order your Heinz Piccalilli now and give your food the unique taste it deserves!