Kraft Vegemite 220g 4 Pack *B/B End March 2023*

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Vegemite is a spread from Kraft made of yeast extract leftover from the beer brewing process. Vegemite has a salty savory taste and is often compared to the concentrated flavor of a dark meat like beef. Kraft Vegemite is highly nutritional and a valuable source of vitamins.

Vegemite is an excellent source of Vitamin B and a rich source of thiamine. It has no added sugar and no artificial colors or flavors. With a mere 40kJ in a 5g serve, Vegemite is virtually fat-free.

Vegemite is a unique yeast extract spread with a solid consistency like butter, but its dark brown and heavier. It perfectly accompanies a wholesome breakfast, lunch or snack. Spread it on your morning toast or on your sandwiches for an added kick.

Vegemite is a nutritious and versatile product. It can be added to many dishes like casseroles and stews to give and added richness. Vegemite is also kosher and halal certified and suitable for vegetarians too.

Marmite 125g

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