PG Tips Tea Bags 240 Pack

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PG Tips Tea

PG Tips are the most popular brand of tea in the UK. For 75 years PG Tips Tea has been loved by people all over the world. Packaged and blended in Manchester, around 35 million cups of PG Tips tea are consumed in the UK each year.

The rich color and great taste of PG Tips Tea comes from blending only the highest quality top two leaves and a bud of the tea plants branches (known as 'tips'). The loose leaves in the distinctive pyramid shaped PG Tips bags allow the tea to fully develop their flavor while brewing. The resulting tea smells clean and floral with the flavor never being bitter, it's always robust but not overpowering.

Start your day with PG Tips tea at breakfast or sit down with friends for your satisfying cup. Read your favorite book with it or drink it alone to enjoy a calm and relaxing moment. PG Tips also offer a decaf tea if you prefer a caffeine-free option.