Golden Syrup 454g

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Lyles Golden Syrup (454g) is delicious sugar syrup made by the evaporation of cane sugar juice. Golden Syrup is a favorite with chefs all over the world because of the sweet buttery flavor it adds to foods that improves the flavor of everything from pancakes to pecan pie.

Lyles Golden Syrup has a sweet taste but it doesn't give your food a sickly sweet flavor. It comes in an easy to store tin and is a gluten-free, Kosher and a vegan product.

Open the tin and you will find a beautiful golden colored thick syrup made of partially inverted sugar. It only has a light smell, similar to honey.

Lyles Golden Syrup is very versatile and can be added to a variety of foods. Pour it over breakfast cereals, make tarts or add to rice puddings or trifles. Spread it over bread or pour over ice cream.

You can even add Golden Syrup to curries or other savory dishes, the possibilities are endless!