Heinz Sandwich Spread 300g

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Heinz Sandwich Spread is a crunchy, tangy sandwich spread that does a great job of livening up a boring sandwich! Don’t just spread the same old Mayo on that bread, give this a try and we’re sure you’ll fall in love. And Kids love it too!

The flavor is so delicious that the mere sight of this creamy yellow spread will make your mouth water. It's made with vinegar, vegetable oil, eggs which form the basis of the creamy spread. Add to that mustard, chunks of cabbage, onion, gherkins, carrots and red pepper and you’re sure to never go back to boring old mayo.

Your imagination is at work here, you can eat this with almost any food and create your own tasty combinations.

Your taste buds would love to be treated with Heinz sandwich spread so why not order yours today!