Irn Bru - 500 ml

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Irn-Bru is a soda from Scotland which is extremely popular in the UK. In fact it's Scotland's number 1 selling drink, outselling even Coca Cola. Irn Bru has a unique rusty orange color and a sweet rustic scent making it distinctly different from other drinks. It's quite fizzy and tastes especially wonderful when icy cold. Apparently it's great for hangovers too!

The Barr Family have been making drinks in Scotland since 1880 and created 'Iron Brew' in 1901. During World War II, it was taken off the shelves because it wasn't actually brewed and therefore considered a standard drink. Later it was re-launched as Irn Bru, the name we know and love it by today. It's made up of a secret recipe that's been a closely guarded secret since its creation. The sweet and heavenly taste cannot really be compared to any other drink. Irn Bru's blend of 32 different flavors means that the resulting taste sensation can't easily be explained to those who haven't tried it. You just have to try it for yourself!

So what are you waiting for, order today and see for yourself why it's such a popular drink!