McVities Hob Nobs 255g

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Hob nobs are oaty biscuits made by McVities. First launched in 1985, Mcvities Hob Nobs have been extremely popular ever since. Their crunchy texture looks very solid to the eye but they are soft to bite so you can really sink your teeth in before they break.

Hobnobs are made from rolled oats which account for 38% of the ingredients. Take a little sniff of a Hob Nob and you'll experience the sweet smell of not only oats but also a hint of delicious honey too.

The crunchy taste of Mcvities Hob Nobs can be very satisfying and addictive! Take a bite and you will experience the sweet taste of sugar and honey mixed with oats. You will also enjoy the tiny pieces of crystallized sugar coated oats crunch.

Order your Hob Nobs today and dunk them in your tea to fill that hunger gap!