Nescafe Gold Blend 95g

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Nescafe Gold Blend is Britain's favorite instant coffee and Nescafe's premium brand.

Nescafe Gold Blend is made from only the best coffee beans selected by Nescafe's coffee experts. The beans are then blended to a secret recipe and roasted to give you that wonderful aroma and taste gold blend is so famous for.

Nescafe Gold Blend is a rich and delicious coffee which can be enjoyed any time of the day and wherever you are. Whether you're relaxing at home or taking a break at work it's second to none.

Open a jar and you will love the heavenly smell! The wonderful aroma of this coffee will fill your kitchen and you'll think your sitting in a London cafe.

All you have to do is add water and the rich, intensely dark liquid will froth up slightly in your mug. The superb smell will mesmerize you! We promise you'll love the velvety texture and smooth taste of Nescafe Gold Blend.