Pot Noodle - Chicken & Mushroom 90g

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Give yourself a warm statisfying treat! Try now the Pot noodle Chicken and Mushroom, one of the UK's favorite.

Pot noodle is a brand of ramen-style instant noodle snack foods, available in a selection of flavors including the chicken & mushroom flavour sauce mix with texturised soya pieces, dried vegetables and a sachet of soy sauce.

This product is considered more of a snack because of its speed of preparation. It is prepared by adding boiling water, which softens the noodles and dissolves the powdered sauce. The product is also packaged in a sturdy plastic pot, from which the prepared noodles can be eaten.

Order today and taste the most flavored noodle in the UK, the Pot noodle's! Available in a variety of flavor's.