Ribena 600 ml 3 Pack

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Ribena blackcurrant flavor drink is a light and refreshing fruit concentrate, perfect for staying hydrated in summer. Ribena is also a great drink for sportsmen. The blackcurrant taste nicely balances fruity sweetness with a sharp tartness.

Ribena was launched in 1936 to boost blackcurrant production in the UK and was provided for free to children during World War II to replenish their Vitamin C supply.

The carbonated version of Ribena isn’t simply filled with gas and is quite light so you won't burp all day long! It's meant to provide the body with the required nutrition, not unnecessary additives.

Fizzy drinks can make you sick and contain other, less desirable elements, like caffeine. Ribena is a fruit concentrate and has a pleasant blackcurrant flavor with a bit of sweetness.