Skips Prawn Cocktail 17g

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Skips Crisps are a childhood favorite for many. Most people in the UK have eaten Prawn Cocktail Skips Crisps for as long as they can remember!  These unique prawn cocktail flavored crisps have the shape like that of the head of an opened flower.  Skips have a real delicate flavor, it allows you to taste the mild prawn cocktail flavor but isn't too strong.

Skips Crisps are made with 100% sunflower oil and have no artificial flavors or colors.

KP Skips Crisps are really great for the diet conscious because a pack of skips contains less than 100 calories per pack. Plus Skips are not greasy! They feel amazing because they melt in your mouth and give a strange tingling and fizzy sensation!