Walkers Crisps - Salt and Vinegar 32.5g

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Walkers Salt and Vinegar Crisps have a wonderfully sharp and tangy vinegar flavor accompanied with a little hint of salt. The taste is simply amazing and quite irresistible. They are great to have on the side of a sandwich or just munch them on their own.

When you think of crisps, you think of Walker's. They are the UK's favorite crisp and a best seller here at The British Food Depot. Walkers Crisps are a well established British icon having been around since 1948 when butcher Henry Walker first began making them.

Walkers Crisps began their story during World War II. At the time meat was severely rationed and the Walker family meat factory was in trouble. Mr. Walker began thinking of ways to diversify their product range. It was then he turned his attention to potato crisps which had become a huge sensation at the time. The crisps were initially produced in the empty upper floor of the Walker's Oxford Street factory in Leicester. Potatoes were sliced up by hand and cooked in a standard fish and chip fryer. These were the humble beginnings of Walkers Crisps and the brand loved by millions today.

Walkers to this day are still based in Leicester, and having joined the Pepsi Co brand of products in 1989 are now producing about 10 million bags of crisps per day. It’s not surprising that these light and tasty potato snacks have become so popular given the wide range of flavors offered.

Walkers have now cut down on amount of fat in their crisps while still retaining the same great flavor that makes them so good. Sun seed oil is used to make them, which means much less saturated fat than there used to be. The crisps can even be included in a calorie controlled diet, provided you can control the amount you consume of course!

Walker’s crisps are only made from 100% British born potatoes. The potatoes chosen are of the highest quality, chosen specifically for their high quality of color, texture, appearance and taste. Walkers are suitable for vegetarians and are also gluten free.

So whenever you get that crisp craving, Walker's Crisps definitely do the job!